What To Expect

Deciding to come to a Recovery service is a huge step towards healing, restoration, and transformation, yet those steps into the building are hard to take. As you enter the building, you will be welcomed by those who understand brokenness, who simply want you to know that we honor your willingness and have been where you are. The folks who welcome you will share information about signing in children and where the meal is served. Eating together is a huge part of our time together, food to nourish our bodies and fellowship to soothe the isolation that brokenness creates.

After dinner, we gather to worship the ultimate Healer, the One who restores, and transforms us, despite the reality of our lives. Our time together is not scripted, rather about meeting Jesus where we are. Following the worship service, we break into open share groups. These groups are vital to the healing that God makes in our lives. Through sharing our own stories and listening to others, we hear that we are not alone, that restoration is possible, and God is enough.

Children’s Programming: Children eat with their families, then are dismissed to go play. This gives the children time to simply have fun, doing what kids do. During the worship service, children are in their own time together, which includes a chance for them to share their prayer concerns, learn about Jesus, and participate in activities from arts/crafts to play.