Welcome to Recovery at Powell

  • A refuge in our brokenness
  • A celebration of the healing power of Jesus Christ
  • A community of believers who have found redemption in Jesus Christ
    based on the spiritual principles found in scripture and the 12 steps
    for the entire family
  • A gathering for us to be fed, by a meal, through worship, and within a small group.
  • An opportunity to study the 12 Steps and God’s word
  • Evidence of God’s work of healing, restoration, and transformation

Recovery is a spiritual process that meets us in our brokenness and separation from God, providing healing, restoration, and transformation through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and the spiritual principles of the 12 steps.
Our brokenness can come from addiction, broken relationships, death of a loved one, illness, divorce, long term resentment, guilt, anger, and so much more. We are left desperately seeking a way out. God meets us in our desperation.
For many of us, church is the last place we feel worthy of going, because of our own actions or others actions. Recovery at Powell is a “come as we are” gathering, with all our humanness, and all God’s grace, mercy, and peace.

Recovery is not:

  • An event
  • A place
  • A person
  • A destination
  • Rules
  • Recovery is:

  • A process
  • A way of life
  • Freedom
  • Redemption
  • Safe